Hello! I’m back.


As I welcome myself back to the blog, I’d like to welcome you back as well.  When I started my blog last year, I was determined to post amazing content for all of you weekly.  I had exciting plans with the hope that my blog inspired a lot of people.  But as life tends to have it, there were other plans for me to attend to at that time.  Soon after my first blog post was released I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  Those first few months were full of excitement, anxiety and fear.  I wanted to get through the first 12 weeks as fast as possible because I wanted to make sure my pregnancy was going to be a successful one.  Everyone said this was the most critical time and I couldn’t help but worry.Pregnancy1

Once we knew baby was indeed coming, we had to find a bigger place.  My husband and I were really lucky to find and buy our home really quickly but the escrow process was just as stressful as the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Even though our home didn’t require much work, there was still so much to do.  Nesting took its course and I needed to make sure my home was decorated and perfectly ready to welcome baby.  All we did on the weekends was work on our home.  From then, time just flew by and before I knew it we were welcoming our beautiful baby into the world.  We were mesmerized by how perfect she was.  She was a 5lb, 3oz tiny piece of goodness.  We named her Camila Zoé (all pronounced in Spanish. LOL).  During this time I felt a bit sad because I put all my plans on hold to be pregnant, purchase a home and become a parent.  After Camila was born I threw out all the sad feelings because I realized I was exactly where I had to be and it didn’t matter what other areas of my life were placed on hold.  Family has always been an important part of my life and after I met my baby it only became more significant.Camila_birth_1

My baby is now five months old and I am ready to get my blog up and running again.  Since she came into my life I have a whole new perspective on life and naturally has given me a lot of new ideas for the blog.  We will still focus on beauty, fashion, career and lifestyle, but I might throw in a few posts on parenting once in a while.  I won’t give you too many posts on this subject because we all know I’m no expert.

So, whether you subscribed to my blog a year ago and had forgot about me or if you follow me on my social media channels, I’d like to thank you for all the support.  This time around, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I look forward to getting to know all of you all over again.

With love,


P.S. I am happy to announce I didn’t get any stretch marks during my pregnancy.  Every morning and night I slathered Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E all over my belly.  I believe this is what did the trick.Cocoa butter