Land the Job by Dressing Right

Hello Artistas,

It’s been a minute since we last chatted.  For some reason the universe decided it was time for big changes in my life and I am currently getting through them.  All good things but I am still being challenged every day.  What’s been keeping me busy lately aside from my 8-month old are a lot of job interviews.  Since some of you Artistas are probably going through the same thing I thought it was time for us to talk “interview fashion.”  I work in a professional environment and some companies in the industry still mandate suits as regular work wear.  In this area I guess you could say I break the rules a bit, but when it comes to dressing for job interviews, I always play it safe and dress appropriate.IMG_2309

Since I believe the first impression is the most lasting I plan everything, especially my outfits.  I choose my outfits based on the position I am interviewing for but stick to one rule, simple and conservative.  Keep in mind that the interviews I generally have are for positions in a professional setting therefore I stick to two piece suits.  Other career fields might not require such formal attire even for interviews.  Here’s a quick guide of what to wear and what not to wear to an interview in different work environments.IMG_2310


Casual Office Setting  –  Trousers in dark colors, button-down shirts, blouses, crewneck sweats, closed toe heels or flats.

Creative Office Setting  –  Trousers, dresses or skirts in on-trend colors or prints.  Button-down shirts, blouses, crewneck sweaters, trendy heels, boots or flats.

Conservative Office Setting  –  Trousers, pencil skirts, classic blazers in dark colors paired with a silky blouse or button-down shirt in a lighter shade.  Closed toe pumps with a classic handbag.IMG_2307


Never wear sleeveless shirts or dresses, miniskirts, sweats, jeans, anything sheer or see-through, athletic clothing, sandals or sneakers.

I hope this was helpful.  As always, use your best judgement and dress how you feel comfortable and confident.  Your confidence will be the first thing that shines through make sure what you are wearing makes you feel amazing.

One last thing, when interviewing always make sure your makeup is flawless.  Unless you are interviewing for a job in the beauty industry, keep your makeup soft and natural.  Focus on enhancing your best features using neutral tones and soft textures.IMG_1346

Happy job hunting Artistas!



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