Spotlight on House of Lashes

Hello Artistas,

When I started doing makeup over ten years ago false lashes were a thing of luxury or only used on special occasions.  With the rise of social media came the explosion of the beauty industry and in that are lashes.  It’s become the norm to see women wearing false lashes every day.  During the week I run into at least a dozen women wearing a strip of false lashes to the office.  In the past several years I’ve seen a lot of new companies come into the market, one of my favorites is House of Lashes.

House of Lashes is an Eco-Chic eyelash brand based in Southern California.  Their lashes are hand crafted and are made of 100% sterilized premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers.  What I love most about House of Lashes is their full range of lashes that help accentuate all eye shapes.  Whether you are looking for everyday soft and natural lashes to glamorous dramatic ones, House of Lashes has something for you.IMG_1724

Below are a few of my favorite styles.  I took a before and after picture with each one to show you the difference a strip of false eyelashes make.

FEATHERETTE LASHES – These are part of their Premium Luxe collection.  They are super dense and are double layered with dimensional curls.  Your lashes will have just the right amount of fullness and drama.IMG_1435

ICONIC LASHES – These are my all-time favorite lashes.  Part of their Premium Luxe collection these highly dense and dramatic lashes combine a V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern.  Your eyes will look sexy, mysterious and sultry.IMG_1432

SIREN LASHES – I love using Siren Lashes on a lot of my brides.  They have the perfect balance of density which naturally enhance and accentuate your lashes.  On days when I have time and feel like adding lashes to my look for the office I like to use these.IMG_1431

For those of you who don’t care to wear a full strip of false lashes daily but want to add a little volume to your eyes, they also carry individual lashes.  I love using individual lashes just at the edges of my eyes, it adds fullness, dimension and gives my eyes a sexy cat-eye flare.le-petit-double-box-duo_1024x1024

Whether you are new to the false eyelash game or a seasoned user take a look at House of Lashes next time you are in the market for a few new pairs.  I know you will fall in love with them along with their eco-friendly packaging.  Plus they are not a one-time use, if you give them the proper care you can get a few uses out of them.

With love,


P.S. House of Lashes are only sold online, here’s their link Oh, and don’t forget to add their adhesive to your order, it’s amazing and comes with a brush applicator making it easier to apply.