Spotlight on Sigma Beauty

Hello Artistas,

Recently, I received a beauty delivery from Sigma Beauty.  I don’t receive them often but when I do, I get really excited because aside from the wide range of makeup products they carry, they have a variety of unique brushes and brush care accessories that I love.

In my beauty delivery I received Sigma’s Warm Neutrals Palette.  The palette comes with 12 rich and warm hues that give you the ability to create endless soft and dramatic looks for any occasion.  I am impressed with the high pigmentation of the formulas and the incredible color pay off.  With matte, shimmer, frost, sheen and duo-chrome finishes, this palette is a must for those of us obsessed with neutrals.  With a price point of $39.00, this palette should be a staple in anyone’s makeup bag.  For those of us obsessed with changing our day to night looks for any after work occasions you could accomplish that with ease with this palette. Just make sure to keep a black eye kohl or liner in your makeup bag for that extra drama.  Oh, and of course you can’t forget your mascara, it’s a must in your bag.sigma2


Sigma’s brushes are to die for.  You could find a brush in their collection to create any desired makeup look.  All of Sigma’s brushes are designed with high performance synthetic fibers which help create a smooth application of any cream, liquid or powdered product without any absorption of product into the bristles.  One of the unique features of the brushes is that the patented ferrules come in a Chrome or Copper finish.  This is simply for aesthetic purposes but I enjoy being able to choose what color I want my brush collection to be.  With an affordable price point, these brushes are definitely worth the investment.  What’s best is the brushes come with a 2-year warranty.  You might splurge a little but at least it comes with a guarantee.IMG_7926

One of my favorite products I own is the Express Brush Cleaning Glove.  This compact cleaning device comes with 7 patented textures that get your brushes squeaky clean.  Cleaning my brushes is one of my least favorite things to do but I have to protect my investment.  In this case, it means deep cleaning my brushes a few times per month.  The textures on the glove were made to help you wash, rinse and refine your brushes.  I wash my brushes as if I were washing my own hair, I shampoo and condition them.  The glove helps remove all the build-up and by conditioning before the final rinse my brushes feel super soft when they are fully dry.  Just remember to squeeze the brush head to remove the excess water and give it a second squeeze after to make sure your bristles dry tight and in place.IMG_7927

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Sigma Beauty give it a shot, I assure you won’t be disappointed.

With love,


P.S. Sigma Beauty products could be purchased online at or at some Nordstrom locations.  Happy shopping ladies and gents.