Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello Artistas,

Given that wedding season is upon us I felt a bit obligated to talk about a subject I hear about quite frequently while making up my beautiful brides….Wedding Guest Etiquette.  I grew up in a traditional Mexican family and remember while growing up some of my family members inviting random people to weddings they were invited to.  Actually to give you a better example, when my older sister got married 17 years ago she somehow ended up with 500 people at her wedding, she probably knew less than half.  Back then it was okay for family members to ask for extra invitations to invite their friends, sometimes they didn’t even need an extra invitation they simply showed up with whomever they wanted to.  Those were truly Big Fat Mexican Weddings.  These days this is unacceptable, weddings are now more exclusive and have become SO much more expensive that the bride and groom can’t fork out extra money for people they don’t know.  With that, I leave you with just a few tips any guest should follow when invited to a wedding.

  1. Please RSVP and on time  –  As a previous bride-to be I was so excited to receive my RSVP’s from everyone I invited.
    I sent a self-addressed postcard and all my guests had to do was check whether they were coming or not.  I only received half of them, the rest I had to hunt for.  I’m sure I haven’t been the only bride with this dilemma.  Being invited to a wedding is a perk, it means we fall into the list of people the bride and groom care about, the least we could do is respect their deadline and Répondez s’il vous plait.
  1. Unless you were told, don’t assume you have
    a +1  
    –  Most weddings give you the opportunity to bring a guest but if you haven’t been given the option, don’t assume you can invite someone.  Oh and don’t ask for additional invitations from the bride or groom to invite your friends.  In the past it might have been okay but not in our modern day.
  1. “ADULTS ONLY”  –  If the invitation specifies “adults only”, please don’t bring your kids.  Even if the bride and groom have their nieces and nephews in the wedding, it doesn’t mean you could bring your child.  Sometimes we don’t agree with the rules but out of respect we should follow them.
  1. Respect the dress code, oh and please don’t wear white  –  I had a destination wedding and even t
    hough I didn’t specify the dress code on the invitation I informed all of our guests to dress comfortably and for the beach.  Some invitations will specify what the dress code is, if you are not sure just over-dress for the occasion.  You will feel a lot better if you dress up for the occasion instead of showing up in casual clothes.
    There’s nothing worse for a bride than to have someone else wear white to her wedding.  Please don’t take her thunder and save that beautiful white or ivory dress for another acceptable occasion.wedding4
  2. Don’t blast on Social Media  –  In an age where oversharing on social media has become the norm, during a wedding it’s probably a good idea to keep the posting to a minimum.  Sometimes the bride and groom want to be the first to post about their wedding and not have everyone else do it for them.  Use common sense, only post the pictures you feel they didn’t want to share first.  The bride and groom will appreciate it.

There are endless tips on wedding etiquette, in my opinion these are the most important.  So if you are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding or multiple weddings this season, enjoy the day, the music, the food, the conversation but most importantly the love.

With love,


P.S.  Once you’ve mailed off your RSVP, it’s time to plan your outfit, hair and makeup.  If you are having your makeup done by a professional, read my past post: 5 Easy Tips to Prepare your Skin for a Makeover to make sure your skin is glowing and ready for makeup application.  And don’t forget to get makeup inspiration ideas by going on my Instagram page @makeupbygisset.